28 Feb, 2020

Craig David’s, um, ‘Two days’?

2020 has been a year of big changes already. After our second failed cycle, I decided to leave my job in order to focus on our physically and emotionally draining fertility treatment. I then realised that I would also need to sell my car if I were to make the mortgage payments needed to stay in our current house. I can cope with jobless and car-less. Not keen on finding out what the third would be like. So, the lovely Audi that I treated myself to after someone smashed into the back of my Mini would have to go. To give you a short timeline:

  • July 2019: Round 1 – cancelled after my body did nothing. NOTHING.
  • August 2019: Car written off when the driver of the car behind got their sandal caught in the pedals. (I mean, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!)
  • September 2019: Start new job.
  • October 2019: Round 2 – no embryos to transfer.
  • February 2019: Left my job on Friday and sold my car on Saturday. Like a slightly less exciting version of Craig David’s ‘Seven days’ in which there was definitely no drinking, love-making or chilling. Shame.



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